7 Types of Windows for Your Home

I’m going to talk about the different types of windows you can install in your home.  This is not an exhaustive list and won’t include some of the more exotic types of windows, but it should give a basic guide that will help most home owners understand the terms being used by their contractor.


Single Hung Windows

These are as basic as it gets and are very common.  The window has two sections (top and bottom) and the bottom section can slide up and down.  The top is fixed.  The word “hung” when referring to windows means “moveable”.



Double Hung Windows

As you can probably guess by the example above a double hing window also has a top and bottom section, but they can both move.  Double hung windows are more common in newer construction, and they have the benefit of allowing you to open the top section, which is a great way to remove heat from your house on a hot day.



Casement Windows

This is a type of window that has a hinge on the side allowing the window to swing out.  The benefit of a casement window is that it usually only has one pain of glass making it more energy efficient.  In some cases these can also be used as egress for code reasons.



Awning Windows

Similar to a casement window, an awning window has a hinge at the top and opens out from the house.  The main benefit is these can be open even if it is raining out since water is directed down the window and away from the house.



Picture Windows

If you need to have a large open space filled with glass you need a picture window.  Typically used for homes with great views, picture windows do not open.  This is an option if you live in a fairly secluded area since they let in great light.  But if you are in a city consider the cost of window treatments if you will need privacy.




A skylight is a window installed in your roof which is great for letting in light and for ventilation.  When installing skylights it is very important to know what you are doing or hire a professional because a poorly installed skylight can cause a lot of damage to your home.  Skylights operate on a single hinge in a similar way to awning windows.



Sliding Windows

These work in a similar way to a sliding glass door but in a smaller version.  The main benefits to sliding windows is that they are energy efficient and very easy to open and close.  Only one side of the window opens so they have a smaller open area to a hinged window that is the same size.



If you are considering new windows for you home and have decided on the style of window you need its time to look at some different options.  Check out the links below to see whats available.  Always consult with or hire a professional before installing windows, as installation mistakes can result in costly repairs down the road.

Lowe’s Windows Department

Andersen Windows

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